Fenix Language Institute Zacatecas

We teach you how to acquire Spanish from the surrounding environment

Extracurricular Activities in Zacatecas

Fenix Language Institute offers a program of additional activities during which students can continue to develop their language skills in more relaxed situations which complement those used in the classroom. These activities expose students to diverse situations and allow them to pursue their particular interests in Spanish. Examples of extracurricular activities include:

Lectures learn Spanish Lectures, one to two hours long, providing detailed introductory information prior to cultural excursions.

Films to learn Spanish Films that provide students with a different way of viewing aspects of Mexican culture.

Cultural Activities to learn Spanish Cultural activities for students who wish to become involved with one or more aspects of modern Mexican culture. Currently, we offer evening classes in cooking, singing and dancing.

Sport activities Sports activities that allow students, instructors, and local people, as players or fans, to strengthen their friendships in a relaxing environment for practicing Spanish.

Excursions Excursions to indigenous archaeological sites, museums, and places of general interest. Weekend camping trips to scenic parks and beaches can also be arranged.

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