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Do we really know how to continue practicing and acquiring Spanish?

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We often believe that we don't have time to learn or practice Spanish, but that's not true. There are 24 hours in a day and it is always possible to find time to maintain the Spanish we do have and keep it fresh in our minds.

In order to develop your Spanish from day to day and keep from forgetting the Spanish you do know, here are two activities you can try and incorporate into your daily routine:

1. We all have to buy food. When you go to the store to buy food, you are usually surrounded by hundreds of items. While at the store, try to remember the name of the products you see around you in Spanish. If you don't remember, or if you don't know the name of those products in Spanish, look them up in your dictionary. Then, the next time you see those products, you will be able to remember those names and continue learning and practicing your Spanish. By challenging yourself to remember Spanish vocabulary in this way, it will keep you from forgetting the Spanish you do know.

2. We all drive or use public transportation. When you are driving or using public transportation, you can also practice your Spanish. If you really pay attention to your surroundings, you will soon find there are countless opportunities to remember or add to your vocabulary in Spanish. An activity such as this allows you to build a vocabulary that is both meaningful and relevant to you and your surroundings.

The two exercises above will allow you to become more consciously aware of the extent of your vocabulary in Spanish. We must all play an active role in our acquisition (and maintaining) of knowledge to keep it from slipping away.

Your brain is always working. Why not make it work a small portion of the day remembering or learning Spanish?

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Arturo Dorado

Director and Founder

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